• Delivery And Return


It is implemented in two variants:

  1. The FEDEX courier company for shipments over 5 kg or at the customer's request. The prices for the transport given at the end of the order are the prices added to the value of the goods, for example, in the transfer, please pay (goods + parcel). The prices quoted for transport are for our company. If the customer individually would like to pay for the shipment, the amount increases by about 60%.
  2. Any courier at the customer's request (the customer is an individual payer).

Shipping costs are covered by the buyer (in the case of orders smaller than PLN 300).

Free shipping covers orders from PLN 300.

Delivery of goods to the customer

At the time of receipt of the shipment, the Buyer is obliged to check the condition of the product and its compliance with the order in the presence of an employee of the Courierska company. In the case of damage to the product or lack of the product indicated in the order, a complaint report should be prepared in the presence of the Courier, containing a description of the damage (a courier must print this protocol).

In the case of sales not constituting consumer sales, complaints regarding mechanical damage caused during transport will be considered only if the defect is discovered in the presence of an employee of the courier company and the complaint protocol will be written down.

The courier is obliged to deliver the parcel to the premises of the Buyer only if the weight of the shipment does not exceed 30 kg. In the case of goods of greater weight, the parcel can be delivered only to the door of the building or it must be picked up from the courier's car by the recipient.

The order may be picked up in person by the Buyer in the Warehouse located in Rzeszów at Boya Żeleńskiego Street 16/5. The condition to make a personal collection is to make an appointment with an employee of the Online Store regarding the date of such collection.


Returns of purchased goods are accepted only on condition that they have not been used, have an original packaging, are delivered in a set (with attached accessories).

Money for the returned goods will be sent to the given account or address within 7 business days.

The buyer shall bear the costs of returns.


Complaints about mechanical damage caused during transport will be considered only on the basis of the complaint protocol written in the presence of the delivery agent.

We cover the costs of shipments resulting from the incorrect execution of the order by our store.

ATTENTION: check the content of the parcel in the presence of the person delivering it!


Returns and complaints should be addressed to the address given below:

TROPS (www.waterrower-polska.pl)

Boya-Żeleńskiego 16/5

(Inter-Bau Building)

35-105 Rzeszów


Please attach a correctly completed form to the package:

Complaints And Returns Forms