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Welcome All Companies, Shops And Wholesales!

Free Delivery

Orders from 300zł are free shipping. Check!

14 Days For Return

Return Products Up To 14 Days!

Become a WaterRower Distributor

Welcome All Companies, Shops And Wholesales!

Become a WaterRower Distributor

Welcome All Companies, Shops And Wholesales!

"I am very pleased with the customer service and quality of WaterRower rowers. I recommend it to anyone who hesitates. ;)"
Marcin K.
"I am satisfied with the quality and comfort of the equipment and professional customer service. In addition, the equipment matches the interior design."
Tomasz Ż.
"Purchase very smooth, as it was written on the website, as soon as the goods were available, they were sent immediately. Very helpful advice, quick and factual answers to questions. I highly recommend waterrower-polska.pl. :)"
"Great service! Sensational contact. The gentleman from the store, ultra patient and friendly, explained what I wanted to know. Really a revelation."
"Super fast, I received the package the next day. The shipment consists of 2 boxes, all elements of the equipment are carefully packed, instructions on how to assemble the equipment and tablets for water were added, so 30 minutes after receiving the package, it was possible to practice. Perfectly! "
"Very good quality of goods! You can also count on professional help in choosing the equipment. A shop worth recommending!"
Mateusz M.
"Professional help with the purchase. Great quality of the equipment."
Damian T.
"I can only speak in superlatives about the service. Professional help in choosing the right rowing machine. Competence for a medal. Fortunately, at the last minute I was able to try the Waterrower rowing machine and change my original choice from Concept D. Water resistance training is a completely different dimension to training. He does not bother anyone at home and even children fall asleep better while paddling (I think the sound of the water calms them down :) :);) I chose a rowing oak a bleached blanc. Thank you."
Sonia S.
NOHrD Training Zone

Application of water resistance in WaterRower

Unlike training rowers from other manufacturers, and more specifically rowers with mechanical, air, magnetic or hydraulic resistance, WaterRower is characterized by the use of unique water resistance.

The heart of the WaterRower rowing machine is the water reservoir and the paddles enabling free manipulation of the water in the reservoir. The ergonomic design of all WaterRower rowing machine components allows maximum utilization of the water resistance potential. The use of water resistance results in a pleasant, smooth and jerk-free workout that is closest to nature.

Water resistance is self-acting, which means that it adapts itself precisely to the speed of rowing and training strength. The WaterRower rowing machine, by using water as a resistance, simulates the experience of rowing in natural surroundings and provides relaxing sound of water noise. Learn more

The most important advantages of using WaterRower water resistance:

rowing with WaterRower is gentle on the joints,
water resistance is 100% self-determining,
training is calm and soothing, thanks to the pleasant, rhythmic noise of the water,
water shows no signs of wear - it is indestructible.


What is a WaterRower Rowing Machine?

WaterRower Rowing Machines are specially designed devices that allow you to keep fit in winter seasons, in which rowers can not train on water in natural conditions. WaterRowers have been equipped with the unique WaterFlyWheel design with a special paddle that retains water in the tank during rowing. Thanks to the structure designed in such a way, the resistance is closest to the resistance occurring in nature during rowing. Practicing with the rowing ergometer we ensure the movement of the majority of muscle groups that accurately represent the rowing training performed on the water. The most active parts of the muscles are: stomach, legs, arms and shoulders.

A very important advantage of WaterRower Rowing Machine is the self-regulating water resistance, which automatically adjusts to the power of rowing. Thanks to this, the practitioner can indulge in relaxation with the soothing sound of water, enjoying the smooth operation of the device. Apart from rowing training, water rowers are also recommended for cardio and fitness exercises. The training involves as much as 84% ​​of the muscles, which is why it has a very positive effect on the condition and improves the efficiency of the body.

What are the benefits of the WaterFlyWheel resistance system?

Thanks to the WaterFlyWheel system used, rowing with WaterRower will not experience jerks or any shocks during workout on the rowing machine. The training, on the other hand, will be very pleasant and comfortable compared to mechanical rowers and the resistance will be evenly distributed throughout the entire range of paddling.

Thanks to the WaterFlyWheel resistance system solution in WaterRower, the user's contact with water is transmitted through a paddle located in the tank, which perfectly suppresses all harmful mechanical sensations. Even distribution of resistance during each stroke allows for better results of exercises performed, distributing all strength into individual muscle groups while reducing the risk of injury.

Why choose a WaterRower Rowing Machine?

Exercising with WaterRower there is no risk of "overworking." WaterRower training does not burden the ponds while rowing and does not chill the room as it does for rowing oars. WaterRower rowers do not require complicated assembly, do not take up a lot of space and after finishing the workout, just put them upright and enjoy the unique look.

If you are looking for a reliable rowing machine with a guaranteed manufacturer's guarantee, made of natural materials and hand-finished details, then you can not pass by WaterRower. We guarantee the highest quality workmanship, access to training applications such as: SmartRow, We-Row, the opportunity to buy additional original accessories and technical assistance in case of problems.

Advantages of WaterRower Rowing Machines

  • WaterRower Rowing Machine does not load joints,
  • has self-regulating water resistance,
  • after finishing the rowing training, just put the ergometer vertically to save space,
  • WaterRower Rowing Machines are made of natural materials,
  • the PlusX award for the unique design of WaterRower,
  • WaterRower ergometers made of glass enable the most accurate measurements thanks to SmartRow,
  • relaxing water noise during training with WaterRower,
  • WaterRower Rowing Machines are compatible with We-Row, SmartRow, Coxswain,
  • thanks to the use of water resistance, the rowers do not show signs of wear because the water is indestructible,
  • WaterRower ergometers do not chill the room like in the case of air ergometers.

WaterRower Polska Rowing Machines offer

The offer of WaterRower Polska store includes water rowers made of wood, aluminum and stainless steel. The assortment also contains various accessories, thanks to which you can easily improve the ergometer with additional functions, for example: the ability to measure the pulse through a special ANT+ module as well as in the case of models of wooden rowing ergometers pulse measurement can be measured using the module together with the SmartRow smartphone application.

We also invite all rowers to get acquainted with other rowing accessories, among others: additional smartphones, water colors, thanks to which the appearance of WaterRower rowers will be even more strenuous, as well as special mats for equipment and many other accessories available in the WaterRower Polska assortment.

WaterRower Wooden Rowing Machines

The most popular Water Rower Rowing Machine is A1 Home.

For its production, ash wood was used. The Home rowing machine is equipped with an A1 monitor and is recommended for home users. The device has a maximum user weight of up to 130 kg.

Models of WaterRower Club, Oak, Natural, Classic, Shadow, Oxbridge and Blanc.

As for the frame construction, rowers were made entirely of wood, however, depending on the model, different types of high-quality wood were used: oak, ash, cherry and walnut. The maximum weight of the rowing machine doing the training is up to 150 kg. Ergometers have a modern monitor from the S4 V2 series, thanks to which we can easily read interesting items during rowing training. These models are especially recommended for home users wishing to conduct their rowing training in the comfort of their apartment and a small fitness club.

WaterRower aluminum Rowing Machines

If you are talking about aluminum water rowing machines, the most important thing to mention at the very beginning is a solid frame made of light and very durable aluminum alloy. In these ergometers, the maximum user weight is up to 180 kg. The assortment includes two models of rowing boatmen from the M1: LoRise and HiRise series. The main difference between these models is the height of the seat from the ground. The HiRise water rowing machine has special lifting feet, thanks to which getting in and out of the device after the training is even more comfortable and easier than before. Aluminum rowers are especially recommended for gyms and fitness clubs.

WaterRower steel Rowing Machines

Steel water rowers are the highest series available in the official WaterRower Polska store. The S1 series is also divided into two ergometer models: S1 LoRise and S1 HiRise. The frame of these rowers was made of the best quality stainless steel. The maximum weight of the exerciser is the same as for the M1 models, up to 180 kg. Nibs are the most durable rowing models in our offer. Steel ergometers are especially recommended for large gyms and professional fitness clubs.

WaterRower Rowing Machines Accessories

In order for every avid boatman to find everything he needs to practice his individual rowing training, the offer could also include various accessories for the WaterRower rowers. If you are looking for professional mats for rowing equipment or additional earplugs for smartphones or other types of accessories, such as modules for rowing ergonomics with additional functionalities, telemetry belts for measuring pulse, water dyes, for your rider, will look even more phenomenal, we invite you cordially to familiarize yourself with our offer of accessories for WaterRower water rowers.

Exclusive WaterRower distributor in Poland

As an exclusive distributor of WaterRower in Poland, we invite you to cooperate with all sports stores, wholesalers, gyms and fitness clubs. We have prepared special terms of the distributor offer in our country. We distribute water rowers and WaterRower accessories. We also provide repair services and post-warranty WaterRower rowers and technical assistance in Poland.

To avoid problems with the warranty and technical support as well as the availability of spare parts and original WaterRower accessories, we especially recommend the purchase of WaterRower rowers in authorized stores. To be 100% sure that the WaterRower ergometer comes from an official distributor, we invite all interested parties to check the current list of authorized WaterRower distributors available in the List of official WaterRower distributors in Poland.

All WaterRower rowing models available in WaterRower Polska offer and our official distributors come straight from the WaterRower manufacturer in the USA, thanks to which, after purchasing your rowing ergometer, you can be sure that you will receive original equipment and technical support from qualified WaterRower specialists.

We invite everyone interested to contact WaterRower Polska!

The history of the American brand WaterRower

At the end of the 1980s, the American John Duke designed a device that would enable rowing training on land, which would be as close as possible to reflect the conditions posed on the water during rowing. The accumulation of conditions found in nature was not an easy task, but after the lapse of time the original WaterRower water rower was designed.

Currently, WaterRower rowing ergometers are the most popular and prestigious devices in the world that enable rowing training in the comfort of your home, gym or fitness club. Every year, WaterRowers are presented, among others, at the largest International Fair. In 2008, WaterRower won the PlusX award for the most unique design, which is also the most prestigious award in the world for innovation in technology, lifestyle and sport.

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