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  • NOHrD Wallbars Slanted Exercise Bench

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NOHrD Wallbars Slanted Exercise Bench Artificial Leather

Training bench covered with black synthetic leather for WallBars ladders. The inclined bench can be hung on any rung (max. Height 95 cm) of WallBars ladders and thus at different angles. It serves as a training bench or as a back support. After training, it can be hung on a rung to save space. It extends the already extensive possibilities of exercises on the ladder with additional functions.


ławka skośna z belkami ściennymiławka skośna z belkami ściennymiławka skośna z belkami ściennymiławka skośna z belkami ściennymi



Please choose the color of the edge of the bench.

Information about the selected color should be included in the Notes to the order. If you do not choose the color of the edge, we order the production of a black bench.


Technical parameters:
  • Maximum load: 120 kg
  • Maximum height: 95 cm
  • Made of artificial leather
  • Dimensions: 136 x 33 x 10 cm
  • Weight: 9 kg


This product is manufactured only under the customer's order. Information about the production time is at the top in the Parameters tab.

NOHrD orders paid in advance! - We do not pay on delivery. For more details, please contact us;)


My-NOHrD Application:

My-NOHrD is a special web application that allows you to train with a virtual assistant on NOHrD devices and WaterRower. If you get bored of exercising yourself at home, you can easily register an account in the web application: Register My-NOHrD

Registration in the application is free, while two plans are available: free access and paid monthly subscription. What do these plans contain?

Free acces:

  • Planning, creating and performing trainings.
  • Access to the private library of your workouts.
  • Access to the public training library.
  • Using previously saved workouts by other users.

Paid subscription:

  • Planning, creating and performing trainings.
  • Access to the private library of your workouts.
  • Access to the public training library.
  • Using previously saved workouts by other users.
  • Personal trainer
  • Professional advice and opinions
  • Receiving training plans from a trainer


How does it look in practice?

The application is available in three languages: German, English and French. After registering and logging into your My-NOHrD account, you must register the serial number of the device you purchased to get access to training.

The application has been divided into 4 main sections: Dashboard (Summary panel), Devices, Coach (trainer), Library (training library).


My-NOHrD DashboardMy-NOHrD DevicesMy-NOHrD CoachMy-NOHrD Library


Start training!

To start training, go to the Dashboard tab and click on Create a Workout, then add the training you are interested in to the training plan. It is possible to create a training plan on different devices! Some workouts from other devices may require registration of the serial number.

Then click Continue, complete the training information we are interested in (Name, description) and click Save and Start. Get Ready!


My-NOHrD New WorkoutMy-NOHrD Workout


After the training, a summary will be displayed and the training will be saved to our library. Isn't it a cool solution to compare lonely training at home?

We invite you to use the My-NOHrD application!


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MATERIAL TYPE Artificial Leather
PRODUCTION TIME Od 25 do 30 tygodni

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Home Warranty: 2 years

The home warranty covers devices intended for home use.

Light Commercial Warranty: 2 years

The Light Commercial warranty covers devices working in fitness clubs for women, small hotels, rehabilitation rooms, outpatient clinics, etc.

The maximum working time is 4 hours a day.

Full Commercial Warranty: none

The Full Commercial warranty covers devices working in gyms, schools, etc. If it is properly maintained.

The maximum working time is 12 hours a day.

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it is implemented in two variants:

  • A courier company FEDEX.
  • Another courier company, eg DHL, GLS, K-EX, RABEN for shipments, which are currently not possible to be sent by FEDEX or change, for example, the weight or dimensions of the shipment.


purchased goods are accepted only on condition that they have not been used, have the original packaging, are delivered in a set (with attached accessories):

  • The returned product must be accompanied by a return form.
  • Money for the returned goods will be sent to the given account within 7 business days.

The buyer shall bear the costs of returns.

For more information, please visit: Delivery And Return.

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Innovative exercise equipment made of wood - Made in Germany

WaterRower Ltd. has been in Germany since 1994. In 2005 the NOHrD manufacturing facility emerged at our headquarters in Nordhorn, Lower Saxony, designing and producing high-quality fitness equipment out of wood. Alongside the well-established WaterRower machine, the new WaterWorkx was successfully introduced to the market. Further NOHrD products soon followed: WeightWorkx, WallBars, SwingBells and the WaterGrinder. In 2013 the SlimBeam was presented to the fitness industry, promptly receiving the German PlusX Award for High Quality and Design!

The label NOHrD perseveres in standing for high quality, design and sustainability, with our constant focus on selection of natural and sustainably managed materials.

About NOHrD Company

The name NOHrD is derived from our company's location: our home is in Northern Germany, whereby the „NOH" refers to our county Nordhorn and the „D" for Deutschland, therefore: „Made in Germany".

Each piece of our wooden exercise equipment is handcrafted in our manufacturing facility. The combination of classic handcraft and precision machine technology ensure consistent quality and constant progress. We place high value on respecting our environment, processing all bark and wood completely- there is no waste.

Production residue in our facility is used for power generation. We further use our factory's 1500 sq meter area for producing our own solar electricity, with which we can power our machinery with low-emission efficiency.

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Application of water resistance in WaterRower

Unlike training rowers from other manufacturers, and more specifically rowers with mechanical, air, magnetic or hydraulic resistance, WaterRower is characterized by the use of unique water resistance.

The heart of the WaterRower rowing machine is the water reservoir and the paddles enabling free manipulation of the water in the reservoir. The ergonomic design of all WaterRower rowing machine components allows maximum utilization of the water resistance potential. The use of water resistance results in a pleasant and jerky training.

Water resistance is self-acting, which means that it adapts itself precisely to the speed of rowing and training strength. The WaterRower rowing machine, by using water as a resistance, simulates the experience of rowing in natural surroundings and provides relaxing sound of water noise. Learn more

The most important advantages of using WaterRower water resistance:

rowing with WaterRower is gentle on the joints,
water resistance is 100% self-determining,
training is calm and soothing, thanks to the pleasant, rhythmic noise of the water,
water shows no signs of wear - it is indestructible.