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Stretching ladder NOHRD Elasko

With the NOHRD Elasko ladder you will train the whole body, support the circulatory system and stimulate the mind. In combination with the specially designed ELASKO training program, you will receive a complete set for training the whole body, which you can use not only to warm up before exercise, but also to cool down after intense exercise. With the NOHRD Elasko ladder you will learn how to stretch properly and improve your posture.

In addition, you will help:

  • cardiovascular system,
  • balance,
  • muscles,
  • you will relax and unwind,
  • you will train your stomach,
  • you will improve your posture,
  • you will do many other exercises.




Stretching 2.0 - Training and stretching in one device

Special handles

The innovative Elasko side grips are used for deep muscle training.


NOHRD Elasko has been equipped with 6 stable rungs providing training with different levels of flexibility.



The lower part of the device is padded with a soft and durable cover made of artificial or natural leather (depending on the version) and ensures a safe standing position as well as comfortable support in the lying position.

Transport rollers

Rollers with ball bearings and an innovative folding mechanism ensure easy handling, adjustment and relocation of the device in the room.


High-quality materials

The NOHRD Elasko training ladder was hand-made in the German NOHRD factory from high-quality solid wood, which provides a pleasant feeling of training, and a soft exercise mat made of synthetic or natural leather, depending on the selected version of the device, ensures comfortable training and stretching.


The ELASKO training application will comprehensively guide you through the entire training. The training sessions in the app are available in German and English. The device is equipped with a tablet holder. There is no tablet included with the device.



Stretching ladder NOHRD Elasko CLub Beech Leather 



The NOHRD Elasko stretching ladder is made of high-quality wood. Ladders can be purchased in two versions: with artificial leather and high-quality natural leather.

The Elasko ladder is an innovative stretching equipment among sports equipment, it has an integrated, comfortable exercise mat and several side handles to support training exercises.Each NOHRD stepladder is handmade in the NOHRD factory and is subject to the highest quality standards!image

Technical parameters:

  • Natural leather.
  • Number of rungs: 6.
  • Black comfortable training mat.
  • Maximum user weight: 150 kg.
  • Can be folded to save space.
  • Transport wheels.
  • Non-scratching rubber feet.
  • ELASKO training application.
  • Smartphone and tablet holder included.
  • No power connection required.
  • There is no tablet included.

Dimensions / Weight:

  • Length: 158 cm.
  • Width: 79 cm.
  • Height: 137 cm.
  • Weight: 40 kg.

Pallet dimensions:

  • Length: 158 cm.
  • Width: 81 cm
  • Height: 28 cm.
  • Weight: 41 kg.

Type of training:

  • strength,
  • coordination,
  • stretching,
  • Regenerative.

Other information:

  • No assembly required.
  • Number of packages: 1.


NOHRD Elasko app:


The ELASKO training application is essential for efficient and comprehensive training / stretching. Thanks to it, you will learn how to properly operate the device and how to perform stretching training. The application is compatible with Android and iOS.




The most important features of the application:

  • Over 40 locations.
  • Varied training.
  • English and German available.
  • Every aspect of training is explained in detail.
  • Various difficulty levels available.

The ELASKO technique is a dynamic stretching technique. The body is not only stretched, but we also strengthen it and at the same time build muscle tension using the energy flowing from the inside of the body.

NOHRD Elasko takes training to other, better dimensions. Different heights of the bars and handles on the sides allow you to adopt innovative positions while stretching. The NOHRD Elasko application is adapted for each user, regardless of the level of training, fitness or current level of stretching the body. In addition, NOHRD Elasko offers a very comfortable stretching support mat that provides a sense of security during stretching exercises.




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- HEIGHT (CM) 137,0
- LENGTH (CM) 158,0
- MATERIAL OF MANUFACTURE Natural leather, Wood
- TYPE OF MATERIAL Beech, Natural leather
- WEIGHT (KG) 40,0
- WIDTH (CM) 79,0


Home Warranty: 2 years

The home warranty covers devices intended for home use.

Light Commercial Warranty: 2 years

The Light Commercial warranty covers devices working in fitness clubs for women, small hotels, rehabilitation rooms, outpatient clinics, etc.

The maximum working time is 4 hours a day.

Full Commercial Warranty: 2 years

The Full Commercial warranty covers devices working in gyms, schools, etc. If it is properly maintained.

The maximum working time is 12 hours a day.



User manual:

PDF DocumentUser manual Elasko NOHrD







it is implemented in two variants:

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  • Another courier company, eg DHL, GLS, K-EX, RABEN for shipments, which are currently not possible to be sent by FEDEX or change, for example, the weight or dimensions of the shipment.


purchased goods are accepted only on condition that they have not been used, have the original packaging, are delivered in a set (with attached accessories):

  • The returned product must be accompanied by a return form.
  • Money for the returned goods will be sent to the given account within 7 business days.

The buyer shall bear the costs of returns.

For more information, please visit: Delivery And Return.


Innovative exercise equipment made of wood - Made in Germany

WaterRower Ltd. has been in Germany since 1994. In 2005 the NOHrD manufacturing facility emerged at our headquarters in Nordhorn, Lower Saxony, designing and producing high-quality fitness equipment out of wood. Alongside the well-established WaterRower machine, the new WaterWorkx was successfully introduced to the market. Further NOHrD products soon followed: WeightWorkx, WallBars, SwingBells and the WaterGrinder. In 2013 the SlimBeam was presented to the fitness industry, promptly receiving the German PlusX Award for High Quality and Design!

The label NOHrD perseveres in standing for high quality, design and sustainability, with our constant focus on selection of natural and sustainably managed materials.

About NOHrD Company

The name NOHrD is derived from our company's location: our home is in Northern Germany, whereby the „NOH" refers to our county Nordhorn and the „D" for Deutschland, therefore: „Made in Germany".

Each piece of our wooden exercise equipment is handcrafted in our manufacturing facility. The combination of classic handcraft and precision machine technology ensure consistent quality and constant progress. We place high value on respecting our environment, processing all bark and wood completely- there is no waste.

Production residue in our facility is used for power generation. We further use our factory's 1500 sq meter area for producing our own solar electricity, with which we can power our machinery with low-emission efficiency.

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Application of water resistance in WaterRower

Unlike training rowers from other manufacturers, and more specifically rowers with mechanical, air, magnetic or hydraulic resistance, WaterRower is characterized by the use of unique water resistance.

The heart of the WaterRower rowing machine is the water reservoir and the paddles enabling free manipulation of the water in the reservoir. The ergonomic design of all WaterRower rowing machine components allows maximum utilization of the water resistance potential. The use of water resistance results in a pleasant, smooth and jerk-free workout that is closest to nature.

Water resistance is self-acting, which means that it adapts itself precisely to the speed of rowing and training strength. The WaterRower rowing machine, by using water as a resistance, simulates the experience of rowing in natural surroundings and provides relaxing sound of water noise. Learn more

The most important advantages of using WaterRower water resistance:

rowing with WaterRower is gentle on the joints,
water resistance is 100% self-determining,
training is calm and soothing, thanks to the pleasant, rhythmic noise of the water,
water shows no signs of wear - it is indestructible.