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Large Tablet Holder Insert For WaterRower Machines
The Amount: 1 pair
Bluetooth SmartRow For WaterRower Machines
The Amount: 1 pair
Phone Arm For WaterRower Home And Natural Machines Ash
The Amount: 1 pair
WaterRower Natural Rowing Machine S4 Ash
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Professional Footbase For WaterRower Natural Machine Ash
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WaterRower water rowing machines have self-adjusting water resistance. The user who exercises on the device does not need to know how to set it up becausethe resistance automatically adjusts to the force with which the user rows. This means that the harder you row, the greater the resistance. In devices such as water rowing machines, resistance is created by the movements of the oar in the water tank.

When exercising with the WaterRower, there is no risk of "overworking yourself". The device can be used by literally anyone, regardless of age, gender or condition. WaterRower water rowing machines work incredibly quietly, and the user can relax to the sound of the sound of water while performing each stroke completely the same as if he was really rowing a boat in a natural environment.

"Water rowing exercises at home or outdoors at any exercise intensity require more energy than any other training activity. Calories are burned depending on the number of muscles used and the intensity and duration of the workout. Slide seat rowing uses a lot of weight. muscle because the upper, lower and core muscles work vigorously."- Dr. C Everett Koop- Former US Surgeon General

The main advantage of WaterRower rowing machines is the high-quality hand finish, they are characterized by a very long life and a great feeling when rowing. Waterbikes can be used in any environment, during exercise you can only hear the natural sound of water, so they do not disturb other users in the same room.

Each stroke in the device is extremely smooth and distributes the work to individual muscle groups. WaterRower rowing machines do not require complicated assembly, do not take up much space and after training it is enough to place them vertically. The style of the equipment has been selected in such a way that it resembles more a piece of furniture than training equipment, which is why in most cases it will look very nice and aesthetically in apartments.


Another very important thing is the fact that WaterRowers require literally no maintenance apart from changing the water in the tank from time to time. The end of dirty and greasy hands, as in the case of other devices that need to be systematically lubricated with various types of lubricants.

WaterRower trainers are shorter than other similar training devices. The water automatic resistance system is the closest to the real rowing motion found in nature. By rowing on the device with the strength of your muscles, you increase or decrease the load, which is very convenient and universal, and thus in a very easy and convenient way you can adjust the resistance very precisely to your skills and expectations.

WaterRower rowing machines are made of the best quality materials available on the market. Models: Home, Club, Oak, Maple, Blank, Classic, Club, Natural, Oxbridge, Xeno Muller, and Studio are made of high-quality wood. Models: M1 LoRise and M1 HiRise made of aluminum, while models: S1 LoRise and S1 HiRise made of high-quality stainless steel. Looking from the side, you can see that the manufacturer did not save on materials when producing his WaterRowers, thanks to which the machines are resistant to friction and mechanical damage.

We guarantee that the devices will serve without any problems for many, many years and even over time they will not differ too much in technical condition from those new from the catalogs because they have been really solidly made.

What else can we say about our devices?

Certainly, the fact that rowing trainingis one of the most popular workouts practiced at home, engages as much as 84% of the muscles of the whole body, which has a very positive effect on your condition and improves the efficiency of the body, and most importantly, you can achieve spectacular results in a very short time. 

Most of the WaterRowers in our offer have modern S4 V2 training computers, except for the Home and Studio models, because these are equipped with the A1 series training computer. Computers enable monitoring on an ongoing basis so that you can easily and transparently check your achievements and beat your own records. You can also modify the training in such a way that it is more efficient than the previous one.

We would also like to remind you thatmany additional accessories are available for our WaterRowers, such as: tablet and smartphone holders, pulse monitoring sets, cleaning sets, water dyes and equipment mats.

Monitors in the S4 V2 version can be easily added with a pulse measuring module, which allows more accurate readings! If you decide to buy a set together with a telemetry belt, you already have all the necessary set, but if you have a computer with only a receiver, you still need to buy a telemetry belt. Bluetooth modules are also available, thanks to which it is possible to pair the device with a smartphone, computer or tablet, and thus you can exercise even more conveniently with additional training applications..


WaterRower Performance Natural rowing machine with SmartRow Ash sensor

We present the WaterRower Performance Natural model with the SmartRow sensor, below you can see its most important features, while in the Parameters tab at the top of the description you can find its exact technical specification. We also encourage you to check out the multimedia where you can see the most popular models of WaterRower ergometers in action.


Highlights of the WaterRower Performance Natural SR model:

  • Water resistance system.
  • Automatic resistance adjustment.
  • Ergonomic, ball bearing seat.
  • Adjustable foot rest with straps.
  • Water tank made of polycarbonate.
  • Transport rollers for easy movement of the device.
  • Possibility of folding by placing the machine vertically.
  • Low noise level.
  • The relaxing sound of rushing water.
  • 84% of muscle groups involved.
  • Burning up to 1000 calories per hour.
  • Natural materials used for production..
  • High quality and hand finished device.
  • Possibility to buy additional accessories.
  • And much much more ;)


WaterRower Performance Natural SR comes complete with SmartRow module and S4 training monitor:



In the WaterRower Performance Natural SR set you will receive:

  • Performance Natural water rowing machine.
  • SmartRow module with S4 monitor.
  • Leg base in PRO version..
  • Phone / tablet holder.
  • Large phone/tablet mount
  • Manual user instructions.
  • Warranty card.



  • The tablet presented in the pictures is not part of the set!
  • The rowing machine also has an S4 monitor!



Exemplary training program (6 weeks):

PDF DocumentBeginner

PDF DocumentIntermediate

PDF DocumentAdvanced




The SmartRow set is optional and can be purchased separately!

With its innovative True Performance sensor, SmartRow calculates the absolute power applied by the user throughout each stroke, ensuring the most accurate ergometer measurement within the Rowing Machine Category.

SmartRow is a high tech replacement pulley for the WaterRower that wirelessly connects to your smartphone / tablet. The electronics inside the SmartRow measures absolute force and stroke length to calculate your power output.


Track workouts accurately.

SmartRow will turn your WaterRower into a proven lab grade ergometer and will track all your workouts for you.

Improve your technique.

By using the force curve you can monitor each stroke and therefore have thé best feedback. Optimize your stroke length, peak force and total energy every stroke!

See your progress.

SmartRow saves all your workouts, personal records and your fitness-variables. Keep track of your improvements!

Share results anywhere.

Compare performance data with fellow WaterRower owners from the comfort of your home, challenge your teammate to an all-out 2k at the boathouse, or simply find your daily motivation by racing against the pace boat to break your personal-best times.

App download:


SmartRow FAQ

What is SmartRow? SmartRow is an intelligent replacement pulley for a (wooden) WaterRower, that measures the power in a radical new way. The electronics inside the pulley measures the force and stroke length and calculates the power, independent of the water level in your tank or the tightness off the recoil bungee. The data is presented wirelessly to a mobile device like a smartphone or tablet.

What are the advantages of a SmartRow? First and foremost: its accuracy. It gives you the best feedback of your workout. You can optimize your stroke with it, as it shows you the force-curve, each stroke. A great way to improve your technique! A heartrate sensor can easily be connected too, and the results are plotted during the workout. Having all your workouts stored on your mobile device is a great advantage too. You can now easily see improvements over time.

Can I connect the SmartRow app with the S4 monitor? No, you cannot. SmartRow is an independent power meter and has a direct Bluetooth connection with your mobile device.

Do I need to enter the water level in the app? No, you do not. SmartRow measures the amount of force you apply independently of the amount of water in your tank. You can change the water level to your preference and still compare your results with others in a 100% fair way.

Do I have to calibrate the SmartRow as for instance with a powermeter on a bike? You don't have to calibrate anything at all! SmartRow will calibrate itself, and in doing so, it automatically adjusts for changes in the recoil bungee over temperature and time.

Which heart rate monitors are compatible with the SmartRow? The SmartRow app will work only with Bluetooth Heart Rate monitors that use the open standardized Bluetooth protocol. There are many monitors on the market, like chest-straps, watches, arm-bands and fitness-trackers. Please check before you buy something new. Because of the accuracy we recommend to use a chest-strap.

What batteries should I use and how many hours can I row on my batteries? We advise 3 x AA 2500mAh Alkaline batteries. Other 1,5Volt AA's will do, but this may affect the number of hours you can row. Depending on the battery quality you can row at least 50 hours.

Can I change the layout of my display? If you go to settings > display options, you can turn 'advanced' mode on and off. When the advanced-mode is off, the metrics are limited for a simple layout.

If the advanced mode is on, you can personalize the metrics (settings > change display settings), and choose from the list below:

  • Power [W] - the power in Watts, of the last stroke
  • Ave. power [W] - the average power in Watts since the start of your workout
  • Energy [Kcal] - the energy burnt in calories since the start of the workout
  • Str./min/SPM - the actual number of strokes per minute
  • Str.length [cm] - length of the last stroke
  • Str.count - number of strokes since the start of the workout
  • Work [J] - the energy, in Joules, of the last stroke
  • Peak force [N] - the maximum force, in Newton, during the last stroke
  • Speed / 500m - the 500 meter split-time, of the last stroke
  • Ave. speed /500m - the average 500 meter split-time, since the start of the workout
  • Speed [m/s] - the speed in m/s, of the last stroke
  • Speed [km/h] - the speed in km/h, of the last stroke
  • Speed [kCal/h] - the speed in kCal/h, of the last stroke

What is Watt/kg and Watt/beat ? These are professional fitness indicators. After a workout, the SmartRow app divides the average power by the weight you entered in 'profile settings'. If you are using a heart rate monitor, the app will show you the 'Watt/beat', which is the division of average power and average heart rate.

Why should I register an account? If you register an account, and you are logged in, all your workouts will be stored on our server and will always be available on other devices. If you don't your workout-data will get lost when you switch to another device.

How do I turn on the SmartRow? One stroke will activate the SmartRow. When you see two blinking blue LED's, the SmartRow will start searching for a connection. If there is no Bluetooth connection within 1 minute it will turn itself off.

Blue LED's are blinking, now what? The SmartRow is searching for a Bluetooth connection. Open the SmartRow app and press the Bluetooth button or go to settings to initiate a connection.

A red LED turns on, what does it mean? If you're seeing a red LED, this is an indicator that your batteries need to be replaced.

I cannot get a connection with the SmartRow? Be sure the Bluetooth of your mobile device is active.

Do you see blue LED's blinking when you turn the SmartRow pulley around?

  • Yes, please go to Settings > Bluetooth SmartRow and connect your SmartRow.
  • No, please check the batteries and/or the battery connection.

I have a connection, but it does not seem to work?

  • Are you connected to the right SmartRow? If you initiate a connection the blinking blue LED's should turn off within two seconds. If the LED's of your SmartRow keep blinking, you are probably connected to a different SmartRow. Here, the two digit ID-number of the SmartRow will come in handy.
  • Is the SmartRow mounted the right way? If you are seated on your WaterRower the SmartRow battery-cable must be at the left side. If not, it is mounted incorrectly. This should be fixed first.


You want more? We have something special for you;) Meet the We-Row training app!

Connect, free of charge, with We-Row and race against other WaterRower owners. Or, if you prefer, set up your own private training session. You will have the option to store your data and access at any time, which will allow you to chart your progress and also share with other users.



  • For Windows / Mac / Linux.
  • Rowing races against other users.
  • Racing data includes graphics.


We-Row is a program developed to support your rowing exercise. Your rowing data is stored to a database and can be accessed at any time, enabling you to continuously challenge your best times. We-Row's top feature allows you to row against other WaterRower users on predefined racing distances.

We-Row requires the S4 Monitor V2 with USB connection and can be installed on all laptops and PCs with Windows, MacOS or Linux.


Requirements And Functions:

Internet connection - You have to be online to use We-Row function.


S4 monitor with USB - You need a WaterRower S4 V2 USB monitor to connect (2.10 Firmware).


Start We-Row - Open We-Row and login.


Applications to download:

Download App for Mac OS X:



Download App for Windows 7 - 10:



Download App for Linux:



We-Row Requirements Monitor FAQ:

Please check the following frequently asked questions.

Do I need a WaterRower S4 monitor V2 with USB and Firmware 2.10?

Yes. We-Row adjusts the racing data that is also shown on the S4 monitor with the help of with the USB port connection. Older models do not work.  

Am I able to update older versions?

Yes. Please contact us.

How do I check the installed firmware version?


Do I have to install a driver for my operating system?

Usually your pc recognizes the WaterRower S4 monitor automatically. If this doesn't work, you can download the Windows driver manually here.
For Linux you have to enter the following command: sudo chown user:user /dev/ttyACM0

For "user" you have to enter your Linux username.

Where "ttyACM0" may vary depending on how many devices you have connected, it also increments when you unplug and re-insert the device. Beside that it might be required to run the command several times before the application has access. You can just keep the application open and check if the device becomes available.

How do I check if the S4 monitor is connected correctly?


How can I row against my personal best time?

As soon as you have finished a race or training session, you can re-load it in the "me" section.


My-NOHrD Application:

My-NOHrD is a special web application that allows you to train with a virtual assistant on NOHrD devices and WaterRower. If you get bored of exercising yourself at home, you can easily register an account in the web application: Register My-NOHrD

Registration in the application is free, while two plans are available: free access and paid monthly subscription. What do these plans contain?

Free acces:

  • Planning, creating and performing trainings.
  • Access to the private library of your workouts.
  • Access to the public training library.
  • Using previously saved workouts by other users.

Paid subscription:

  • Planning, creating and performing trainings.
  • Access to the private library of your workouts.
  • Access to the public training library.
  • Using previously saved workouts by other users.
  • Personal trainer
  • Professional advice and opinions
  • Receiving training plans from a trainer


How does it look in practice?

The application is available in three languages: German, English and French. After registering and logging into your My-NOHrD account, you must register the serial number of the device you purchased to get access to training.

The application has been divided into 4 main sections: Dashboard (Summary panel), Devices, Coach (trainer), Library (training library).


My-NOHrD DashboardMy-NOHrD DevicesMy-NOHrD CoachMy-NOHrD Library


Start training!

To start training, go to the Dashboard tab and click on Create a Workout, then add the training you are interested in to the training plan. It is possible to create a training plan on different devices! Some workouts from other devices may require registration of the serial number.

Then click Continue, complete the training information we are interested in (Name, description) and click Save and Start. Get Ready!


My-NOHrD New WorkoutMy-NOHrD Workout


After the training, a summary will be displayed and the training will be saved to our library. Isn't it a cool solution to compare lonely training at home?

We invite you to use the My-NOHrD application!

If you still have enough? We have one more application compatible with Android ;) Check Coxswain!

Coxswain helps you organize your rowing: Connect your Android device to your Waterrower and choose your training program:
  • record your workout while watching Youtube videos or other media (choose an intent to be executed on training start),
  • row against previous workouts,
  • adjust the workout display (long press to choice from distance, duration, strokes, energy, speed, pulse, stroke rate, stroke ratio, time, split, average split, delta distance, delta duration),
  • export your workout to TCX (Training Center XML) to import it into your favorite fitness tracking App or service,
  • export your workout to your calendar,
  • export your workout to Google Fit (experimental),
  • read heart rate from your Waterrower, Android sensor or a connected Bluetooth LE/Ant+ device.
You'll need:
  • USB On-The-Go (OTG) capable Android device,
  • Cable USB-MINI Male (Monitor S4 V2) -> Your Android device,
  • Waterrower with S4 V2.
This app is under development. Please report problems and ideas to https://github.com/svenmeier/coxswain


Application to download from Google Play:



For more information follow:


#WaterRowingMachine, #RowingMachine, #WaterRower, #MonitorS4 #RowingMachineWaterRower, #WaterRowerTrainer, #ErgometerWaterRower

- BRAND WaterRower
- COMPATIBILITY Wooden water rowing machines WaterRower
- ADDITIONAL FEATURES Display, Minimalne obciążenie stawów, Możliwość postawienia w pionie, Relaksujący dźwięk szumiącej wody, Transport rollers, Uchwyty na stopy
- BRAND WaterRower
- CALORIE BURN (H) Do 1000
- COMPATIBILITY Aplikacja Coxswain (Wymagany kabel USB), SmartRow App (SmartRow Module Required), We-Row App (USB Cable Required)
- DISPLAYED INFORMATION Czas treningu, Dystans, Intensywność, Okno programów, Pasek strefy, Tętno (opcjonalnie), Wskaźnik pociągnięć
- HEIGHT (CM) 53,0
- LENGTH (CM) 210,0
- POSSIBILITY OF MEASURING PULSE Opcja (Moduł True Performance SmartRow, Pas telemetryczny Bluetooth, Aplikacja SmartRow), Opcja (Pas telemetryczny ANT+, Moduł wewnętrzny ANT+, Monitor S4 V2 lub nowszy)
- TYPE Wodny
- WEIGHT (KG) 30,0
- WIDTH (CM) 56,0
- BRAND WaterRower
- COMPATIBILITY Wooden water rowing machines WaterRower
- BRAND WaterRower
- COMPATIBILITY SmartRow App (SmartRow Module Required), Waterrower aluminum rowing machines, Wioślarze wodne WaterRower stalowe, Wooden water rowing machines WaterRower
- MODULE TYPE Zewnętrzny
- BRAND WaterRower
- COMPATIBILITY Nie pasuje do modeli HOME, Nie pasuje do modeli M1, Nie pasuje do modeli M1 HiRise, Wooden water rowing machines WaterRower

WaterRower Logo


Home Warranty: 2 years

The home warranty covers devices intended for home use.

Light Commercial Warranty: 2 years

The Light Commercial warranty covers devices working in fitness clubs for women, small hotels, rehabilitation rooms, outpatient clinics, etc.

The maximum working time is 4 hours a day.

Full Commercial Warranty: 2 years

The Full Commercial warranty covers devices working in gyms, schools, etc. If it is properly maintained.

The maximum working time is 12 hours a day.

WaterRower Logo


WaterRower Logo




WaterRower Logo



it is implemented in two variants:

  • A courier company FEDEX.
  • Another courier company, eg DHL, GLS, K-EX, RABEN for shipments, which are currently not possible to be sent by FEDEX or change, for example, the weight or dimensions of the shipment.


purchased goods are accepted only on condition that they have not been used, have the original packaging, are delivered in a set (with attached accessories):

  • The returned product must be accompanied by a return form.
  • Money for the returned goods will be sent to the given account within 7 business days.

The buyer shall bear the costs of returns.

For more information, please visit: Delivery And Return.

WaterRower Logo


The history of the American brand WaterRower

goes back to the late 1980s. Then American John Duke developed easy-to-use rowing equipment. He assumed that training on land should simulate conditions that prevail on the water in the most similar way. So he invented the original and unique WaterRower water rowing machine.

WaterRower machines

are presented annually among others at the world's largest International Fairs. Currently, the WaterRower brand is very popular and its offer includes products available for sale both at home and abroad.

In 2008, the WaterRower brand

won the Plus X Awards perfection prize, which is the most important distinction in the world for innovation in technology, lifestyle and sport.

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Application of water resistance in WaterRower

Unlike training rowers from other manufacturers, and more specifically rowers with mechanical, air, magnetic or hydraulic resistance, WaterRower is characterized by the use of unique water resistance.

The heart of the WaterRower rowing machine is the water reservoir and the paddles enabling free manipulation of the water in the reservoir. The ergonomic design of all WaterRower rowing machine components allows maximum utilization of the water resistance potential. The use of water resistance results in a pleasant, smooth and jerk-free workout that is closest to nature.

Water resistance is self-acting, which means that it adapts itself precisely to the speed of rowing and training strength. The WaterRower rowing machine, by using water as a resistance, simulates the experience of rowing in natural surroundings and provides relaxing sound of water noise. Learn more

The most important advantages of using WaterRower water resistance:

rowing with WaterRower is gentle on the joints,
water resistance is 100% self-determining,
training is calm and soothing, thanks to the pleasant, rhythmic noise of the water,
water shows no signs of wear - it is indestructible.