News in the SmartRow application especially for our customers:

  • in the menu, instead of tutorials, there is a workouts option, which includes exercises for people of various levels of advancement

  • the beat my personal best option allows you to race with the spirit, which is our best time - beat yourself from yesterday, the daily row option will allow you to race against users who have rowed in the last 24 hours

  • in settings you have the option to watch the installation guide in video and pdf form

  •  pace boat option, which allows you to set the time according to which the application will inform us about the current rowing pace - if you are faster than the set pace (in m / s), the application will inform you about it, the same way if you need to row faster

We are constantly trying to improve SmartRow so that you have better, more pleasant and interesting experiences with our application. We have also improved the SmartRow optimization. At the beginning of 2021, we plan to launch a dedicated SmartRow website, where you will be able to compare your results with others in the rankings. You will be able to track and analyze your progress.
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