WaterRower rowing machines are high-quality products created by the American brand. How do they compare to other similar rowing equipment? How do air, magnetic, hydraulic or mechanical rowing machines compare to WaterRower? In this article, we will try to answer these questions and exhaust the topic on the basis of training and health aspects. It should be remembered that all products differ from each other in terms of construction, price and manufacturer, which affects the overall perception of the device. The quality of the device is the main aspect that we should follow when deciding to buy a training rowing machine. WaterRower is a renowned brand on the market that constantly develops its products and creates a good impression in the fitness community, expanding its offer and the overall quality of the products.

Training rowers at a glance

Rowing training imitates rowing training, which allows you to engage virtually every muscle in our body to exercise. It will therefore come as no surprise that rowing training is ideal for both muscle building and reduction. It will provide the muscles with an appropriate stimulus for development and help to burn unnecessary calories due to the fact that it is an intense effort. However, it should be remembered that the main factor that will determine whether we gain or lose weight will be the total caloric supply in our diet - if we eat less than our body needs, we will lose weight and the other way around, simple and you should not argue with it .
Rowing training requires the right technique. You can see how to do the exercises on the water rowing machine in the news posts on our website - the content-related resources are huge! Let's move on to the essence of the article. Types of rowers. Now let's put a magnifying glass into one bag, except for the water rowers. Air, magnetic, hydraulic and mechanical rowing machines - these are the basic types of these devices and there are plenty of them on the market. Such resistance and braking systems are the most common and have their advantages and disadvantages. The advantages will certainly include a low price and a proven, solid construction that allows you to perform rowing training at a decent level. The disadvantage will definitely be the unnatural resistance generation system that adversely affects our joints. Add to this the margin of error in the form of incorrect rowing and we get a recipe for pain problems related to overloading muscles and joints. The WaterRower rowing machine is a rowing device that imitates practically 1: 1 rowing training, thanks to the use of water resistance, which allows you to perform natural movements, and additionally simulates a real rowing in the water, thanks to a water tank that is climatically rustling during repetitions.

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The WaterRower rowing machine stands for unquestionable quality and a guarantee of pleasure in training

An innovative solution in the form of a water reservoir has won crowds of fans who speak of superlatives about the brand and the product. It's something new that everyone has been waiting for, and WaterRower lives up to its objectives and provides customers with everything they expect. A water rowing machine should be enjoyable at each repetition, it should be easy to use and maintain, and it should also help you fight for a better figure. If we also add the hallmark of the WaterRower brand - a great design of products decorating any space, we get an almost perfect product, perfect for every sports enthusiast and enthusiast of physical effort. Most of the training rowers produced on the market focus mainly on the purely training aspect, forgetting about the entire shell related to the performance of rowing training. These are devices that fit their purpose, but they are also devices that cannot compete with WaterRower rowing machines. Both when it comes to performance and training. The WaterRower is gentle on the user's joints thanks to the self-adjusting water resistance that guarantees safe, jerk-free rowing training.

WaterRower vs Concept 2

For example, let's compare the WaterRower rowing machine with the most popular air rowing machine on the market - Concept 2, used in many crossfit competitions and found in most large gyms.
Concept2 is an air rowing machine that can be used in almost any environment. The more intense the strokes, the greater the resistance will be. You can also manipulate the resistance with manual adjustment.

The WaterRower is a water rowing machine with a "water flywheel" for a realistic rowing feel. It is like a real boat, and the harder you row, the higher the resistance level.

As for the dimensions of the devices, the WateRower is smaller and ideal for rooms with limited space - Concept 2: 44 x 61 x 113 cm, WaterRower: 213 x 55.9 x 53.3 cm. Another aspect is design - this topic is subjective, but we can assume that the WateRower rowing machines, due to their natural wood construction, will be more suitable for the home, and Concept 2 will be more suitable for typical gyms.

WaterRower wins in terms of noise, or rather the lack of it. The only sound is the soothing sound of the water. Air rowers are noisy, which is why WaterRower rowers win in this regard. Technological solutions are different. The WaterRower monitor provides many options for training analysis, and additionally equipped with the SmartRow measurement system or ComModule module, it allows access to applications that increase the pleasure of training, as well as allowing you to compete with rowers from around the world!

System pomiarowy SmartRow to zaawansowane urządzenie mierzące bezpośrednio realną moc włożoną w trening, przyspieszenie oraz długość skoku, dzięki czemu zostają dokładnie obliczone wszystkie niezbędne parametry treningowe bez względu na:
  • How much water do you have in your tank.
  • What is the friction.
  • What is the recoil force.
  • What's your style or stroke frequency
  • How you accelerate / slow down
  • Whether you are a beginner or an advanced rowing machine
The training data measured and calculated by the SmartRow module is characterized by high measurement accuracy.

Overall, the WaterRower and Concept rowers are solid rowing machines, but the use of water resistance is definitely a game-changer and stands out from other rowers.