Before buying equipment, we always get a lot of questions about WaterRower rowing machines, as well as basic information. Today's article is devoted to the most important factors most customers face when deciding to buy their WaterRower.

Why choose a WaterRower rowing machine, what is it and why WaterRower?

It is a very extensive topic, but we will try to skillfully guide you through it. The choice of training rowers on the Polish / European market is large, therefore we will describe only the most important features of WaterRower rowers. Of course, we do not negate training equipment from other manufacturers, but pay attention to the differences and aspects that may affect the selection of exercise equipment.

Wioślarz wodny WaterRower ClassicWioślarz wodny WaterRower Classic

The WaterRower rowing machine is an equipment designed for rowing training. It involves over 84% of the muscle groups of the whole body and training on it is a typical cardio training.

WaterRower highlights:
  • WaterRower rowing machines are manufactured in the United States and are exclusive PREMIUM equipment. WaterBikes are not made in China!
  • WaterRower is primarily an amazing design, but also the highest quality of workmanship and manual finishing of the elements. It is perfect for training at home and in fitness clubs, it can be placed vertically, thanks to which we save space in the room, and the machine adds effortless elegance to any room.
  • Each WaterRower rowing machine comes with a 2-year warranty (door-to-door). Depending on the model, a home warranty (WaterRower A1 Home) or a commercial warranty (other rowing machines) is provided.
  • The two-rail models are characterized by high stability, and the movement of the seat is almost inaudible, thanks to the soundproofing of the rails and 8 wheels that allow smooth movement of the seat during training.
  • No service / lubrication needed? Yes! On WaterRower rowing machines we only change the water once every 6 months and clean it normally from dust like ordinary furniture.
  • The WaterRower rowing machine does not chill the room, as is the case with air rowers.
  • Sound, which is the most common question. WaterRower is quiet and the sound generated during training is characterized by the soothing sound of the water. You can easily watch NETFILX and train simultaneously.

What is the difference between the WaterRower series and models?

We offer four series of WaterRower rowers:

A1 Series:

The A1 series includes one rowing machine model: WaterRower A1 Home and is intended for home users, the rowing machine is equipped with one guide rail made of aluminum and the basic training monitor A1 Standard. The maximum user weight is 130 kg. The leg spacing on this rowing machine is a bit wider due to the design (one guide rail between the legs). The rowing machine in this series comes with a 2-year home warranty.

Original Series:

The original series includes rowing machines: WaterRower Natural, WaterRower Oak, WaterRower Club, WaterRower Oxbridge, WaterRower Shadow, WaterRower Blanc and WaterRower Classic. When it comes to functionality and technical parameters, there are no differences here. All models are equipped with the second version of the S4 training monitor and support users up to 150 kg. In the original series, the rowing machines are equipped with standard-length rails on which users up to 200 cm can comfortably train. If your height exceeds 200 cm, you need to buy XL size splints. When choosing a rowing machine from this series, we are primarily guided by the appearance and choose a model that fits perfectly into the interior design of the living room or home gym. The rowing machines in this series can be used both at home and in fitness clubs or gyms, and they all come with a 2-year commercial warranty.

M1 Series:

We have come to the M1 series, which includes two rowing machines: WaterRower M1 LoRise and WaterRower M1 HiRise.
The rowing machines of this series can be used by users not exceeding 180 kg. Ergometers are made of aluminum and are also equipped with the second version of the S4 training monitor. This series can be used both at home and in fitness clubs or gyms, both models are covered by a 2-year commercial warranty.

S1 Series:

The last series of WaterRower rowers is the S1 series, which also includes two rowing models: the WaterRower S1 LoRise and the WaterRower S1 HiRise.
The rowing machines of this series can be used by users not exceeding 180 kg. Ergometers are made of stainless steel and are equipped with the second version of the S4 training monitor. This series can be used both at home and in fitness clubs or gyms, both models are covered by a 2-year commercial warranty.

Summary of the series.

A1 series, namely the seat, has been equipped with 4 guide wheels and another training monitor, which is not compatible with additional modules: ComModule or ANT + sets, while in the series: Original, M1 and S1 we have 4 large guide wheels and smaller 4 stabilizing wheels and a monitor S4, compatible with all add-on modules. In addition, we have two guide rails, which have been damped with special soundproofing overlays, thanks to which the movement of the seat is inaudible.

The M1 and S1 series are available with or without an increase. What is the elevation for? The elevated version makes it easier to get in and out of the rowing machine because then the seat is simply higher. However, let's not forget that you can also buy an extension for all Original rowers. As you have noticed, between the series / models there are different maximum weights of users and types of wood combined with different stain colors.

What about the comfort of training between series / models? You can conduct efficient and comfortable rowing training on each rowing machine model, and if you want, you can watch TV or NETFLIX.

And what wears out during the operation of the WaterRower, what will I have to replace?

When it comes to the service life of WaterRower rowing machines, it is really at a high level, and our machines can withstand a lot and serve without problems for several years or even longer ...

Like any mechanical device, water rowers also have several wear parts. Depending on the frequency of your training sessions, you will likely need to replace:
  • Wheels guiding and / or stabilizing under the seat (high intensity - every ~ 2-3 years, low intensity - every ~ 4-5 years)
  • The sealant on the water reservoir, it may happen that it will have to be replaced after several years of use ~ 10 years) The adhesive grows old and after a very long time there is a probability of unsealing.
IMPORTANT! - To enjoy the trouble-free operation of the WaterRower rowing machine, we do not apply too many chlorine tablets!

When it comes to water, there are two possibilities. We use tap water or demineralized water:
  • Tap water - after filling the tank, apply 1 tablet with chlorine, and the purity of the water should last for about 6 months. After this period, we change the water and add 1 chlorine tablet to the newly poured water. We do not recommend using more than one chlorine tablet per fill. If we chlorine the water, we do not use dyes.
  • Demineralized water - we recommend it if you want to apply dyes. Water purity should last for about 5 months. After this period, we replace the water with a new one.
  • Tap water without chlorine application - the cleanliness of the water should last for about 4 months. We can apply dyes to such water - however, we recommend demineralized water to use dyes.
Demineralized water does not contain impurities and compounds such as copper, phosphates, silicates, etc., prevents the accumulation of algae in the water reservoir. However, it should be remembered that the development of algae is favored by light. In very sunny places, where the water is exposed to direct sunlight, the growth of algae will be faster.

How to set resistance on WaterRower?

The resistance (actually the weight of the boat and crew) on the WaterRower is adjustable by increasing the amount of water in the tank. We can pour from 13 to 19 liters of water into the tank. The main factor influencing the resistance of a rowing machine, however, is training! The harder you row and increase training intensity, the more resistance increases.

Opór wodny WaterRowerOpór wodny WaterRowerOpór wodny WaterRower

For this reason, WaterRower rowing machines are a very good solution for both beginner rowers and advanced users, as the machine adjusts itself to the trainee's abilities. Several users can train on one "configuration", controlling only the training intensity. WaterRower does the rest.

After purchasing the rowing machine, we recommend that you pour 17 liters of water. It is the most realistic representation of natural conditions. When you need to increase or decrease the resistance, you can always add or drain some water.

Wood training gear... How about moisture?

On WaterRower rowing machines, the frame is made of natural wood. Depending on the model, the type of wood is different. The finish of the wood surface is also different and in terms of type recognition, the exact model of the rowing machine is crucial.

Wioślarz wodny WaterRower OakWioślarz wodny WaterRower OakWioślarz wodny WaterRower NaturalWioślarz wodny WaterRower Classic
  • WaterRower Oak - Natural, unstained oak, finished with Danish oil.
  • WaterRower Club - Here is an example of a classic combination. The rowing rails are black stained ash, glossy finish with Danish oil, while the body is pink stained, also finished with Danish oil.
  • WaterRower Natural - Natural ash stained in the color of honey oak and finished with Danish oil.
  • WaterRower Classic - The frame is made of American dark walnut wood, unstained, finished with Danish oil.
As you can see, depending on the model, we have different color variations and types of wood. The frames have been factory-finished with Danish oils, so they are resistant to moisture and splashes. Of course, we are not talking about leaving the rowing machine in the rain for ... a week, but about resistance to moisture or minor splashes that occur every day. If we splash water on wood, dry the place with paper or a cloth, and that's it.

Why so expensive?

And we are on the subject of price. It's just like life here, people don't like to talk about salaries, and we don't like to talk about price. A little joke. The WaterRower rowing machine is a PREMIUM class product, and thus, it is made of natural wood obtained in the United States.

Would you like to read more about natural selection? Please see the article: "Natural selection"

The second price factor is that each rowing machine is finished by hand. All this to ensure that the final product quality is at the appropriate level for the class of exclusive products. Each device is provided with a 2-year manufacturer's warranty, an authorized service center and a free technical hotline in Poland.

Free training applications from the manufacturer and their updates are also very important.

The history of the WaterRower brand dates back to the late 1980s and has made it a leader in the production of water rowers, so you can be sure of the availability of spare parts, additional accessories and improvements for your rowing machine.

Of course, each WaterRower rowing machine purchased is included in free shipping in Poland.

How does the collection and assembly look like?

We ship the WaterRower rowing machine in two packages. Approximately 65% ​​of the unit is assembled, requiring the installation of rails, a footplate, a seat and transport wheels. Finally, attach the bungee cord and the rowing machine is ready for training. Installation should take approximately 40 minutes.

During the assembly and first start-up of the rowing machine, the operating instructions will definitely come in handy: User manuals.

When purchasing a SmartRow module, we install it for free when the customer enters such information in the order note.

Parcels are sent by courier and are insured, but please check the parcels carefully before collecting them from the courier. In the event of any damage, please prepare a courier damage report and send it to us at the following e-mail address: along with the order number.

Information on the weight and size of packages available here: Dimensions and weight of packages.

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